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Hello folks,

now it's time for some updates again! :D

First things first: you saw that that I started to submit the new chapter of my MediEvil comic again. I think six months of break is enough, now it's time to bring Sir Daniel and his troubles back, much to your delight ;-)
I must say the break was just timed right, because I find little time for other projects besides the homework I have to do for the academy.
Speaking of the comic: I've prepared 16 pages so far, and I'm going to upload these daily as usual. Happy? :-). But for the later pages I can't tell how much time there will be to finish them, so I might upload them when they are finished. That means the comic will proceed slowlier, but I hope you will be ok with that.

At the art academy we now are having acrylic class for some weeks. and it's great! Our teacher is a very cool guy, and he makes great artworks :-). All we have to do for now is trying to copy some paintings he made. No big thing for me, (we must do this to understand how the different painting techniques work and to practice what he showed us in class)  but it's very time consuming, also because I always do my best to finish the homework in time. Further we need to reproduce the paintings we made before. Yeeeeeees. You might ask why? Well: one important thing the teachers always use to say:
"It's not enough if you want to be a professional artist, but only do one piece of a work you have in mind. No, go and reproduce your own drawings! Don't do one version; make two, three, four, five, ten, twenty of it! You'll see that with every version you will improve and notice mistakes you haven't seen before."
And they are right.

And so I spend afternoon after afternoon with doing acrylic paintings and watercolor paintings. It might not seem a big thing, but it makes me tired. Another problem I have are my very weak neck and back muscles >.< I struggle for years with tensions, but this time it's very hurtful. After it went away, I need to do some exercises... Don't worry, I'm ok again :D.

What can I say else, I still enjoy my life in this little italian town and I like to meet my friends after the tuesday lessons, where we meet to eat pizza, and talk about everything, and have fun! ^D^ But still, slowly I start to miss my home in Austria... I wait hard for the easter holidays to come, and then there will be two months left until the summer holidays. But time flies :-) I cannot really imagine that the first year at the art academy is nearly finished!
And I'm very very happy, I learn what I always wanted to learn, I get the education I enjoy, I FINALLY like doing homework (haha xD), I'm excited for every lesson to have and met new friends who show appreciation toward me. It couldn't be better :happybounce:

Now I will do my best to reply to all messages I got here since my last activity. Boy, did you guys post much x3, so please be patient, I will reply to everybody and everything :nod:

Thank you that you did not forget me :hug:, even if I started to become really quiet. 

A prossima volta, ciao! :blowkiss: 
Hello friends :-)

sorry for the long absence. I decided to write a little journal now but before I never do it xD. So...

... the classes of anatomy and prospective are over, now we learn about watercolors and pencils. 
We also have new teachers for it, and our teacher for watercolor class is a well-known comic artist in Italy, Marco Nizzoli. I must say it's a special feeling to learn something from an popular artist. I'm curious about what he will show us in this class :la:
Let's go on: In the first hour we had to color the Ittens circle - the color sphere which combines the primary colors and their different shades combined with other colors - and for home we have to mix different colors together to get a feeling for shading and mixing the colors. The new painting technique is also not so easy, I still have to get used to it. The color should not be too watery, but also not too intense (because watercolors is all about blending and play with the shades, to create the right colors and atmosphere.) I alreday see that in the next months we will have much to learn. But that's good ;-) 

I hope I can upload new thngs on my soon.

Ciao amici, buon finesettimana! :blowkiss:
Hello my friends ^^

I hope you had a beautiful Christmas and had a good start in the new year of 2017!!:shuffelin: 

I'm sorry that this time I had no Christmas drawing for you. I WANTED to do one, but I did not find any time for drawing it. And then it was too late :-(
Anyway, I spent the Christmas Holidays at home in Austria, and it felt so good to be home again :heart:. Fortunately when I am in Italy I do not feel homesick, but when the holidays were over and it was time to go, it hurted me a bit U_U.
Sadly I couldn't really enjoy the holidays and relax, because our teachers gave us very much homework again >.< Too much in my opinion! Some people of my class weren't even able to finish all of it! But sigh, I must see it as a practice for my future job and career as an artist. No effort no success my mom uses to sayStrong 'Revamp' !

By the way, some of you asked me to share my practisings, my drawings and homework for the academy. And finally I chose a few pieces that I want to share with you :-) Head to my if you're interested and laugh about my fails XDDD


An other thing: one of my closest friends on dA, :icongodforoth: illustrated his first children's book and sent me a copy for Christmas! It's called "Viki la tortue" (Viki the tortoise) :love: and it went out super cute!!Squee!  Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] It was the best Christmas gift I got this year (because I bought all my other presents already myself, haha!), but this was something very special and a huge surpriseAdorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] !!!
If you are French or know somebody who has children that are able to understand the language, I would really recommend it :turtleeager: .

That's all for now, have a nice day, friends! Spero di rivedervi presto! Ciao! :wave: 
-The mind of the people of Reggio-

Ok, so because some people are curious and interested about my new life in the small italian town where I study, I decided to give you new updates everytime when something new happens :3

What I recognized first about the inhabitants is that they are very kindhearted and friendly. An example:
If you talk to the people on street or ask for the way, you don't get just one answer. You get three, four or five, depending on how many people join the conversation. Yes, you never talk alone to somebody. If there are some folks stopping and talking, there are immidiately a few others who join. And then they all talk and discuss at the same time, trying to get the best information or to help to find the right street, or shop or whatever you are looking for.
And if the way is not too long, they accompany you, making sure you don't fail to go where you want. 
Once I went to the butcher and hold open the door for the few women who were behind me. They were very happy about that, said thank you and really meant it. Then one picked a ticket, but then turned to me saying: "I'm sorry miss, I'm afraid I took your ticket, because you were before me. Here you go." And she gave me her ticket. I was very happy about the kindness of the lady. 
And one customer at the supermarket was so friendly giving me a plastic bag for my groceries, because she noticed I hadn't one. 
To be honest, I really missed this kindness that comes from the very inside of the people. Sure, in my austrian hometown the people were also kind, but here, in this italian town it's really something I haven't experienced before.

I already mentioned that I'm super happy with my classmates! It's easy to get in touch with them, because they don't judge about me. They accept me the way I am. They now that I'm a very shy person and "foreigner", and so they gave me al,the time I needed to open myself to them. And slowly I'm making new friendships :-) 
And we have lots of fun in our class chat XDDD Man, those people are so funny! Sometimes I just sit there and lmao about the comments about our teachers, the homework or the pet cats.
I noticed one thing: prospective class gives trouble to everyone of us. We all prefer anatomy class (for obvious reasons ;-))
Another thing:
We've planned a Christmas dinner all together with the other classes. This year we must choose a theme for our dinner table, which we have to decorate. The table with the best theme will win a prize. And we have not chosen yet between The Nightmare Before Christmas or Krampus.
To be honest, it's very, VERY difficult for me to choose! ^^; I just love both!! 

The only thing I miss now is the Christmas feeling I always had while living in Austria. In  both south Germany and Austria we have a special Christmas culture which is unique in the world. What I miss the most is the "Christkindlmarkt" (Christmas market), but especially for that so many italian (and not only!) tourists clog the town centre and the streets during winter time :D
Ah yeah, my mom visited me and brought some austrian food. Finally!
The only bad thing is that last time - NO JOKE!!- I nearly choked while eating a Bratwurst.


A presto amici! 
Hello my friends,
sorry for the long wait, I didn't mean to be offline for so long, but...

something horrible happened T__T




I tell you, it was hard to resist, even if I had a bunch of homework and many books to read in the afternoons. But now I have WiFi again - with a few little issues - but it works :-)

I'm very happy at my new art school and I still enjoy the lessons.
I have lessons twice a week, for three hours each. Now I learn everything about anatomy and prospective, later we will have lessons about different drawing and painting techniques, and book cover design.
My teachers are very kind and funny, - my anatomy teacher looks like Nate Bonnet, just with shorter hair x3 and oooooh, he knows MediEvil :la: - and they can teach in a great way! But they give also muuuuuch homework! This homework is needed, because we have to practise every day what we learned until the next lesson and try to get better skills. And it gets controlled. Yes, our homework gets checked by the teachers. They look at it, give tips, critique and tell what we can do better next time. I like this method, because it helps me to improve and it shows that the teachers are interested in the artistical evolve of their students :thumbsup:

I'm sorry that I have no Halloween themed drawing or creepy videos for you this year. To be honest, I wasn't really in the mood. The move to Italy, no pumpkins to buy in my supermarket (nooooooo :nuu:) and the lack of creepy decoration did not give me the right feeling for october :-(.

I also have to change my diet a little, because some food and products, I was used to buy in Austria are not available here in Italy where I live :-/. I'm craving for Bratwurst, I WANT!!! I just cannot eat just pizza, risotto, spaghetti and tortellini all the time, you know? But calzone with cheese and ham is very yummy :hungry:.
And I still don't know where the next art supply shop is... -_-. There are 100.000 opticians in this town, but no art shops ._____. Damn.

But fortunately I have internet acess again :w00t:! I missed you, friends! :hug: 

Please give me some time to respond to all your news and your messages, it can take some time. I hope I won't be disconnected again for so long ^^.

Baci! Ciao, a presto! :blowkiss:
Hello my friends,

you might wonder why I'm so silent for a few weeks. Well, there are some changes now in my life, and I'm going to tell what happened:

Maybe you know that I always wanted to become a professional artist. 
After school I wanted to study at an art academy, but I did not feel ready, so I decided to study history of art instead.
After completing this study I was looking for the right art academy, but no one seemed to fit for me. When in march I thought to know where to go, I got a harsh NO from the professor of the art class I wanted to be in (I posted the whole story in my journals).

I saw that in Austria and Germany there was no right place for me, and I already wanted to get private lessons from professional artists, when my dad found an announcement of an art school in Italy in a newspaper.
The open door day was already the following week. I went there and was amazed by it! They really teach what I always wanted to learn!
I told my dad he should inscribe me, but he said "yeah yeah, we have lots of time to do this."

Ok, so a month later we returned to that town, bought a small flat for me in the near of that school and wanted to bring some documents....

..... when we were told that we are too late and there's no place left for me anymore.

I thought my dream will finally come true, finally I can get the education I always wanted, but no, thanks to my dad who completely forgot to inscribe me in time, I have to wait for an other year!!!! :rage:

Worried, angry and without an idea what to do now, I followed my parents into town.
Abd then, just 10 minutes later, I got a call from that school: somebody decided to study somewhere else and so I got the place in the class I wanted to be in.

I WAS IN!!!!!

I couldn't believe my luck. I wanted to throw me on the floor and scream out all my happiness!! :iconlawooplz:
Now everything had to go quick, because there were only two weeks left until the school started again. My parents brought all my stuff in that flat, we had to buy some furniture and my mom helped me to clean up the rooms.

And the day the school finally started was the day  before yesterday.
Now I will go to a master class for illustration for the next three years, in a small town in Italy.
The first year I will learn everything about anatomy, perspective, coloring and much more. We have very nice teachers and I have great classmates.
Funny thing: when we had to bring all our stuff to the teacher to show it to him, he took my work as example. At first I was a ashamed, because I don't like it to be in the focus of all attention, and I wished to hide somewhere. But I also got very positive reactions from my classmates, and that helped me to become less shy. I hope to find new friends who share the same hobbies and interests as me :-)

We also get homework to become better and to do exercises for the next lessons.
For that I cannot tell when I will be able to work again on my comic, and if I will be able to upload it as I used to. But we will see ;-)
I feel very happy at my new home and in that new little town. I hope I will spend three awesome years and learn enough to become a professional artist and illustrator.
I only have a problem with internet connection, so don't mind if it takes a bit if I respond to your messages and if there will be some typos (I can only use my phone atm)

Ciao ciao, a presto! Baci :blowkiss:
I was tagged by :iconnikolas-213: and :iconmarshall-e:.
Let's start:

1. You have to post ALL the rules 

2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves 

3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions for tagged people to answer 

4. Choose 13 people 

5. You legitimately have to tag 13 people 

6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags 

7. Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED 

8. YOU MUST DO THE JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking -ABOUT the Journal Entry 

9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator asks

10. Be creative with the title. You can't mention you got tagged in the title, but can in the Journal/Journal description. 

The 13 facts about myself:

> I enjoy watching Let's Plays on YouTube
> As a baby my favourite food were mashed potatoes and spinach
> I LOVE pumpkin :love: And I eat in all ways, no matter if it is a sweet dessert, cake, soup or mixed with vegetables, noodles or meat :hungry:
> I like playing videogames, even if I'm not very good at it
> I'm always afraid that my tablet breaks while I'm drawing on it D:
> I'm a very shy and introverted person in RL
> in winter I sleep with fluffy bed socks
> I get the best drawing ideas when I try to sleep >.>
> I have no driving licence
> I still watch cartoons
> I have no favourite actor or VIP
> Sometimes I look up for pages with cospiracy theories and then I laugh about that
> Sometimes I write on WhatsApp with my mom just using emoticons

Here are :iconNikolas-213's questions:

1) What console do you dislike?

2) Do you watch Family Guy?
    I don't.

3) Favorite character?
    Sir Daniel Fortesque, Karl Sturngard, Geralt of Rivia, Tim Burton's Movie Characters and of course my own and my friend's OC's :hug:

4) Favorite song?
   I have too many to Name XD

5) Do you read mangas?
   No, I don't.
6) If you do, what do you like?

7) Would you rather be a knight, a ninja or a pirate?
    Argh, can't decide between knight or ninja u_u

8) What person would you like to meet? (artist, writer, musician, anyone)
     The creators of MediEvil

9) What fictional character would you love to become best friends with?
     With my OC's

10) You have the chance of mastering in a flash any art style (traditional, digital, scultpure, anime, manga etc). Which would you take?
      Sculpting, painting and drawing

11) What country would you love to visit?
     Scoltand, Japan and Hawaii

12) Have you seen Harry Potter?
      I did, yeah! :dummy:

13) Twilight stinks. Don't you agree? (if you disagree, sorry Sweating a little...)
      Of course!!! :x

And here are :iconmarshall-e:'s questions:

1. Five Nights At Freddy's or Undertale. (or None. But you have to Explain Why. If you don't like any of those, That's okay. Only if you respect My Opinion)
I never played any of those, but if I have to decide, I take Undertale :shrug:

2. Which Movie Character you like.
     Dr. Facilier

3. If you can be 3 Animals, What would you be?
    A crow, a tortoise and a cat

4. Have you heard of Yokai watch? If so, Which Yokai do you like?
       I've heard of it, but don't watch it,  I cannot answer to the second question :-(

5. Wreck it Ralph or Frozen? (or None again)
   Wreck it Ralph (as a matter of principle)

6. What is your Favorite Food?

7. Who are your favorite YouTubers?
Madeyewlook, ElliMacs, Bruugar, Celidonia Studio, Cho's Daily Cook

8. What is the Funniest Moments from A Movie or TV Show you Laughed?
    I cannot Name a specific one, but I laugh when for example a character finds himself in a similar crazy situation as I was

9. What is the Saddest Moments from Movie or TV Show Moment you Cried (or Felt bad)?
     In the movie "The Princess and the Frog", when Ray the firefly died, and later when he was beside his lovely Evangeline :cries::cries::cries:

10. What is The Scariest Childhood Moments you were afraid from BOTH Video Game and Movie (or TV Show)? And Why? Sweating a little...
As a child I did not play any videogames, but when I was little, I was afraid of the creepy scene in "Snow White" , where she gets lost in the woods.

11. What Phobia do you have?
    I have no real phobia,but I find maggots extremely disgusting >A<

12. Do you like Rats?
     I do ^^

13. What Characters do I remind you of?
     That's difficult to answer, because I din't know you very well yet 
I break the rules 3, 4 and 5 and & too and say NO TAGS FROM ME!!!!!!!
Hello my dear friends and watchers :-)

Today I have two things to tell you:

1.) I'm going to upload the last two pages of my comic :dance:, because tomorrow I won't have internet connection :-x.

2.) I've decided to take a break from my comic for a few months, because after two years I feel I need to do more personal artworks again. I hope you understand, and thank you that you follow me through this project and support me with lovely comments and faves :3.
But before the comic is on hold, you have the chance to decide which chapter is the next to be uploaded! :dance:
Please vote at the poll on my side, thank you! :thanks:

Thank you so much :hug: See you soon!

ps: of course I will still be active on dA, uploading some stuff I want to share with you ^^
I was tagged again by :iconnikolas-213: :D

Here are the rules:
-1. You have to post ALL the rules 

-2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves 

-3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions for tagged people to answer 

-4. Choose 13 people 

-5. You legitimately have to tag 13 people 

-6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags 

-7. Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED 

-8. YOU MUST DO THE JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking -ABOUT the Journal Entry 

-9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator asks

-10. Be creative with the title. You can't mention you got tagged in the title, but can in the Journal/Journal description. 

The 13 facts about myself:

1) Despite I like eating pasta, meat and sometimes vegetables, I HATE eating lasagna X(.... and don't know why

2) My natural hair color would be dark blonde, but the underlying hair toward the neck is pale blonde (just fund that two years ago)

3) I don't like touching, hug or kiss people I don't know

4) I hate crowds or overfilled shops

5)When I was a child, I always wanted to have budgies as pets

6)The joints of my hands are extremely elastic

7) I use to write and draw with my right hand, but with my left I type on the smartphone

8) As a kid I was afraid of knight armors XD

9)On my terrace I grow different types of herbes, paprica and strawberries

10) I don't like going out when it's already dark outside

11) Whenever I go to sleep somewhere I take a cuddly fluffy pillow with me

12) I still own all the stuffed animals  I had when I was a baby

13) Before I got into the middle ages I was a fan of the ancient egyptian culture

1) Ever played Call of Duty?

2) Do you read any comics?
    Not really, just a few ones here on dA when I have time, but I'm too busy with drawing my own :D

3) Console or PC? (if you're into gaming)
Depends. Some games are better for PC, others for console.

4) Favorite movie?
Alien Quadriology, Paranorman

5) Favorite series?
I'm not telling, otherwise I'll get Problems again with the insane jealous fangirls here on dA >.> But a few already know my answer, what it is :D
6) You have the opportunity to punish whoever treated you like trash and get away with it. Would you take that chance?
I would lying if I say no, but life teached me to be patient and wait for Karma. And everyone gets what he or she deserves while life goes on, and up to now I saw that waiting for Karma's revenge was always right  :D

7) What's your most overrated film (any movie, animated or live action)?
     Frozen , all Twishit movies and Fifty Shades of Grey :puke::puke::puke:

8) What's your favorite music organ?
I have many ones, but: Harp, flute, violin, piano

9) Ever played a game that was so hard, you wanted to throw the controller out the window?
Oh yes =_=

10) Have you ever came across someone in dA that insulted you without reason?
That happened to me actually once: a guy faved some works of me, and I went to his page to say "Thank you for the fave". Then that guy replied :"fuck off" and blocked me O.o

11) What do you like about most in dA?
      That I meet people from all over the world, that I can improve my skills, that learn something new, that I can share my art with fellow artist and fans :-)

12) What Disney character would you like to be?
I prefer to stay myself :D, but if I would have the chance to meet one, it would be Dr. Facilier.

13) Favorite animal?

This one: :icontortoiseplz:

eeeeh, I don't follow some of these rules, but I don't care XDDDDD So no tag for anyone again
Hello my friends,

I want to say thank you to all of you, who made my birthday yesterday so special :squee:

Thank you

:iconephah: for the premium Membership :blowkiss:

and to
:iconrukietta89: / :iconerisabetta:
:iconvegeta89: / :iconlexymako: - even if she wasn't able to finish the drawing in time -
:icongodforoth: and

who used their precious time to make me wonderful drawings where I see they were made with love :heart:

And of course I want to thank all the nice deviants who head to my page and left great birthday wishes for me! :love: I thank you all for making my day better than it already was!

You're the best, thank you so much that I know such awesome people as you are! :hug:
Hello my dear friends,

I write you a short journal to tell you that tomorrow I start to partecipate at an oil painting art course :la:
I thought I want to learn something new, and I never tried this style of art before, so I decided to make this course that runs for a week - and maybe you can see some first attempts in oil by me soon :-). Of course I'll keep you up to date and upload the paintings I make in the next seven days.

Surley I also will continue to upload the daily comic pages, but I can't tell at which time they will be online, and how fast I will be with responding the messages. So please don't worry if I take some time to respond to all my stuff in the inbox  :D.

Have a nice weekend, friends! :blowkiss:
Hello my friends,

I have guid news for ye:
the issue of which I told you in the last journal is solved. It was a grave misunderstanding by me, nobody of the people I accused stole something from me. And because they were correct and respected my rules and accepted my excuse, I also want to be correct and submit the next part of my MediEvil comic tomorrow, as I promised :D
Have fun, see ya! :icondanbiggrinplz:
My dear friends and followers,

after nearly a month of absence I'm back again now!
A question for those who are also on tumblr and into MediEvil: does somebody know the user with the nickname "chivalryisundead"? 
I ask because today I found out that this user used a drawing of my MediEvil comic without my permission and even put a new watermark on it:

Here the page of my comic of which this image was taken:

MediEvil - Hilltop Mausoleum 5/57 by olgatarta

It's a shame and very sad that some people don't have enough respect to ask me kindly if they can use my work, and use them without my knowledge instead.

And to recall what I said last year in one of my journals:
"If people don't respect nor the watermark nor the protecting Icons I put, I feel forced to stop uploading my works. I'm serious!!!!"

And now I am serious.
I wanted to continue the last pages of the actual chapter with the beginning of june (that means already next week) , but thanks to the discovery today I've changed my mind. So this comic is stopped until further notice.

I'm very sorry for everyone who enjoyed my comic, but I do what I say.

Have a nice weekend
I was tagged by :iconnikolas-213: again, and I'm ready to answer his questions for another time! ^^

1. Write the rules
2. Write 13 things about yourself
3. Answer the 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
4. Tag 13 deviants. And I mean ONLY 13.
5. Make sure that they know they are tagged.
6. Don't say "You're tagged if you read this"
7. It is forbidden to not tag anybody.
8. Tag backs are allowed
9. If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you.

The 13 facts:

1) During my time at the university sometimes I was so frustrated that I wanted to go back to school XD
2) On weekends I wake up earlier than normal -_-
3) As a child I had two rows of teeth, because my permanent teeth grew behind the milk teeth
4) I hate it if my fingernails are cut too short
5) I love black humor jokes
6) austrian folklore and traditions are important to me
7) I don't have a Facebook account
8) deviantART is the only art page I joined
9) I can't step on lines on the street without feeling bad
10) The last time I played a videogame was 3 years ago T__T
11) If I had known what huge influence my Comic has on my followers, I would have had started it earlier :D
12) I like listen to forest sounds
13) WTF compilations make me more laugh than home videos


1) What's your most anticipated game? (if you have one)
   Dark Souls 3.

2) You meet your favorite fictional character face-to-face. How would you react? 
     To be honest, I see him every morning when I look into the mirror >.>

3) Do you watch TV nowadays?
    Not really, only documentations about the middle Age.

4) Least favorite subject in school?
Chemistry and gym.

5) Favorite drink?
    Selfmade alcoholfree mead

6) What's your least favorite book?
    Twilight >.<

7) Pirates or Ninjas?

8) Favorite video game?
    MediEvil  (it surprised you, eh?)

9) Least favorite movie?

10) If you had a chance of writing a comic book (any, licenced or original), would you go for it?
     Absolutely :nod:

11) Ever watched a movie based on a book by Stephen King?

12) Which game you think is really overrated?
      FNAF... seriously, it's not scary!

13) I'm glad we're friends? :D (Big Grin) Are you?
      Sure, indeed, of course, yeah, YUZ!!! :dummy:

Tagging... blah blah blah, forbidden not to tag... blah blah....

RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! :evillaugh::evillaugh::evillaugh:
:iconnikolas-213: tagged me long time ago, and finally I found some time to answer his questions.
Sorry for the long wait pal, but I did not forget your tag XD


1. You must post these rules
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag 
4 Choose 10 people and get their icon in your journal 
5 You have to legitimately tag 10 people 
6 No tag-backs 
7 You can't say you don't do tags 
8 You MUST make up journal entry

10 Facts about me:

1) I have a medieval-styled bedroom.
2) I rarely watch TV.
3) I would love to have a small shop one day, where I sell some handmade artwork.
4) I really like the Minions of Despicable Me Party .
5) Last year I've made a language course, learning the basics of japanese, korean ans mandarin, and I'm continuing learning these languages in my free time.
6) my working table is always a mess (artist's chaos XD).
7) I prefer good weather than rainy days.
8) I like to cook mediaval dishes.
9) sometimes in the evening I switch all the lights in my flat and dance to the music I'm listening.
10) on dA many people think I'm male and american.

My questions:
1) Favorite animated series?
    I don't want to tell it, because 1) everyone knows it already, and 2) I don't want to mess with other sick  fangirls.
2) What's your favorite musical band?
3) How long have you been on dA?
    On july 4th it's my 5th annyversary

4) What's your least favorite Dreamworks movie?
     I've haven't seen so many, but I liked all of them

5) Who's your dA best friend?
 I can't tell, because every dA friend of mine is unique and special. It would be wrong if I would make a list, because it's not fair, and not right.

6) Least favorite couple? (canon and non-canon count)
    I'm not so into couples .___.

7) Do you like Kingdom Hearts?
    Yes, sadly I didn't play it to the end T_T

8) Favorite Disney song?
    "Friends on the other side"

9) Do you think there is at least one good Disney direct-to-video sequel?
   I can't tell, because I never saw one.

10) Ever played Sonic?
     No, I didn't.

No tag this time for anyone
Hello my dear friends, I have some news for you:
Next week I'll submit the next page of my comic, but then I need to make a break until the end of may. That's because I need to make some paintings for the art academy. Following happened:

During the months of february and march I worked for a portfolio, because I want to partecipate at the entry exam at an art academy in Germany. Two days ago I went there and presented my work and a few artworks you already know: some requests I made, a few comic pages, and other stuff you can find in my gallery.
The teacher looked at my work, but critizised that I wasn't at an art school or that I have not an art education yet.

She refused me for her class, saying my works aren't good enough for being accepted. "Don't be disappointed" she said "but looking at your works I can already tell that it will have no future. Look for an other way to earn money, but please refuse doing art. Stop it, you won't be successful." 
At first I found these words ridiculous, later I went angry and the anger turned into determination. 
In the end of may there will be a new entry exam and I'll return to this teacher! I won't give up. Now more than ever!!!

Please guys, some of you should put away now the knives, bombs, guns and spiked maces :D Before somebody is going to revenge me, let me tell you:
I know what the problem was.
I had no paintings, only drawings, sculptures and my digital art. And this teacher wanted to see paintings on canvas. The next problem is, that digital art is still something many artists sneer at. They have no clue how difficult it can be, they don't know how many time and effort it can take, and how it's really made. 

So, now I need to spend my free time with canvases, oil and acrylic colors. 
Don't worry, the comic will be continued for sure and I'll tell you if this person will have accepted me and my works in the end. ^^

Wish me lots of luck and inspiration, I'll be back! 
Hello dear followers, :-)

I just wanted to tell that I haven't finished to draw the new MediEvil comic page (That means no page today T__T). I don't know when it will be finished and when I can draw the other pages for finishing chapter 4. I hope you'll be patient with me and wait for the next pages.

Thank you for your appreciating and reading the comic. ^^ Hope you will enjoy the other pages too. I won't disappoint you, I promise ;-) 
I'm sorry, but I can't upload the new comic page. A few of you might have seen the earlier version, but I had to delete it because I had to fix something. Now I can't upload the updated version, neither with my pc nor with my tablet :cry:. Don't worry, tomorrow there will be two pages ;-)

Have a nice saturday, thanks for understanding
I want go say thank you for all those very very very nice birthday wishes and surprises you made me yesterday! :love: I'm very happy to see that I knew such nice people who care for me and used theor precious ferr time to put a huge smile on my face and cause an incredible heartbeat in my chest when I look at their gorgeous artworks they did for me! Thank you my friends every one of you just blew me away and hugely surprized me on my b-day

Special thanks to :iconephah:, :icongodforoth:, :iconrukietta89:, :iconvegeta89:, :iconmeimei422:, :iconcursed-girl:, :icontaylorstoonadventure: with their impressing artworks and their love they put into every detail :heart:, you all knew very very very well how to turn my birthday a special day with lots of happiness and joy! :smooch:
I want to say thank you also to all the other deviants who write so nice wishes on my profile! I appreciate all of them!!!! :iconawwloveplz:
Thank you for being such good friends and such a wonderful community. dA wouldn't be the same without you. I met such wonderful people and the friendship with them makes me feel blessed and deeply honoured. 

Thank you to every one of you who makes dA a special place for me! There's still enough cake for everyone, enjoy! :iconcakeplz::iconkaceplz::iconkaceplz:

Thank you very much :heart:
Cheerio, :iconolgatarta:
Hello my dear followers, :-)
as some of you know, I always celebrate the World Turtle Day :party:! And this year too of course!!! 

For those who don't know it yet: the World Turtle day is celebrated every year on the 23rd of may. Since 2000 the American Tortoise Rescue sponsores it for protecting and helping rare tortoise species to survive. Even if many breeds are protected, they still get illegally exported, cooked and eaten, selled or even used for creating different objects like jewelry boxes. 
This day we should think of and celebrate this awesome and very interesting animals! :iconturtleglompplz:

I know that my community sees the tortoise as a calm and friendly animal (thanks to my pet tortoise Olga I guess ;-)) but they can be a meanie too! Don't believe me? Check out these videos then!

1) A mean greek tortoise…

2) This tortoise hates the house cat... and gets a kind of trophy afterwards O.o…

3) And this one is a cat bully:…

I hope you had fun with the vids!
Have a nice day and happy tortoise day! :iconolgatarta: